Bangladeshi supplier of water treatment machines and plants.

Water Treatment System in Bangladesh

China Bangla Water Technology, an expert Drinking Water Treatment Processing, salty Sea water refining system, waste water treatment system, iron removal system, Commercial Water Treatment System & hospital Water Treatment Plant. The China Bangla Water Technology is working as an importer & distributor of RO (Reverse osmosis) water purification systems & UV (Ultraviolet) water treatment systems, Domestic /Commercial/Industrial/Residential/ Home /Household Water Filtration Systems, Water treatment for Food processing and packaging plants, etc.

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Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Since 2002, China Bangla Water Technology has been importing products from USA, China, Europe, Thailand  and many other countries of the world. Our supplied R.O. filtration systems with quality are as good as other best companies in this field. All water purification products are made with the international standard and R.O. plants with equipment are sold to whole Bangladesh, India and other African, or Asian Countries.

RO Water Purifier
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Our Market: USA, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, France, Philippine, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Argentina, etc.

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