Bangladeshi supplier of water treatment machines and plants.

Chemicals Laboratory Water Purifier Supplier

We are the best quality Chemicals Laboratory Water Purifier Supplier, we also supply 100% Pure Drinking Water Treatment Plant for Garments Factory in Bangladesh.

Chemicals Laboratory Water Purifier
Chemicals Laboratory Water Purifier
 Some asked questions:

What is the origin of the machinery and equipment?

Ans: Our water treatment plants and purifiers are made in China. If you require other country of origin, we can arrange.

What is the capacity of machine?

Ans: we have multiple capacity. You can get any capacity water purifier machine from us.

What is the price of machine?

Ans: The price is not more the than market. It depends on the capacity of machine. It may be from 10 thousand taka to ten crore taka. 

water treatment plant and machinery in Bangladesh
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