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Small Bottle Water Filling Line/Mineral Water Production Line

We supply Small Bottle Water Filling Line/ Mineral Water Production Line in Bangladesh and abroad. Please contact us for details.
Bottle water treatment plant
Mineral Water Production Line consists of Three sections. They are:
  1. Water treatment plant
  2. Automatic washing - filling- capping - labeling - shrinking machine.
  3. Automatic PET bottle production line.
Water Treatment plant: it consists of some filters, tanks and motors/pumps. This part produce the pure drinking water from raw water.

Automatic washing - filling- capping - labeling - shrinking machine: It is actually water bottling line or packaging section of bottle water or mineral water.
Automatic PET bottle production line: It is an optional section to produce PET bottles for water packaging. This is actually the most costly section of the bottle/mineral water production line.

We, China Bangla Water Technology Ltd. is providing all of three sections as described avobe as turn key solutions of mineral water bottle production line. Please contact us for your project and get our reliable and expert help in this important sector of industries.
Small Bottle Water Filling LineSmall Bottle Water Filling Line

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