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Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturers based in Bangladesh

Effluent Treatment Plant -ETP plants in Bangladesh
We are an expert team working on ETP plants for a long time in Bangladesh. We provide ETP plants for all varieties of industries, factories all over the country.
Effluent treatment plant is very important for industrial waste water treatment. The waste water containing harmful elements is responsible for environment pollution. Water pollution may cause severe health problem to human and animal body. It may also cause soil pollution and air pollution. So, we should dispose the waste water to environment after proper treatment to protect the country as well as our planet.
ETP - Effluent Treatment Plant in Bangladesh
We are the leading Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) manufacturer in Bangladesh. We supply ETP plants for all kinds of industries.
The government of Bangladesh is forcing the factories that use water to set up ETP as mandatory. The foreign buyers are also forcing the garment and textile industries to have Effluent Treatment Plant. It is their compliance policy to protect the environment.

We, China Bangla Water Technology Ltd., are providing turn key solution to ETP set up in Bangladesh.
ETP Categories: We are providing biological and chemical ETP solution in Bangladesh. We also have fixed type and portable type ETP.

ETP Design: WE have expert engineers to design ETP projects.

ETP Cost: The cost of ETP depends on the capacity, category and places. In general we have ETP plants from 15 lac taka to 15 crore taka.

For more information of ETP, please contact us directly.
biological and chemical ETP solution in Bangladesh

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